About InCoSol

What is InCoSol?

  • InCoSol is your number one choice for I/O drivers and OPC servers for MES and SCADA systems especially for GE’s Proficy products.

What does InCoSol stand for?

  • It is an acronym for Industrial Communications Solutions.

 What’s the competence of InCoSol?

  • Our core competence is the design and development of software solutions in the industrial environment. We are specialized in the development of I/O drivers and OPC servers for MES and SCADA systems. From simple serial protocols through fieldbus protocols up to complex network-based protocols for telecontrol equipment we develop customer or product solutions.

How much experience does InCoSol have?

  • We have been active in this area since 1995.  By focusing on this particular work we have gained unique know-how in this specific technology sector.

What’s the philosophy of InCoSol?

  • Our philosophy is quite simple: „Total customer satisfaction!“ Because a satisfied customer becomes a substantial customer who will recommend us. That enables us to concentrate on the essential:  The realization of new ideas and solutions to save your and our technological leadership and business success.