CIF50-PB MPI/Profibus Interface

Together with the S7A Driver/OPC Server this interface card is used to connect a SCADA System to the MPI bus or Profibus. The card supports the Profibus profiles MPI, DP and FMS. The S7A driver/OPC server supports this card for the following communication ways:

  • MPI or Profibus communication to S7-300/400 on the MPI Bus or the Profibus DP interface of the PLC’s CPU or on a separate Profibus CP
  • Profibus FMS communication to any Profibus FMS device
  • Profibus FDL communication to S5-95/115/135 PLCs via CP 5431

Independent of the PC’s workload the interface exchanges the data between the devices on the Profibus and its internal process image. This process image is held in the dual port memory of the interface and thus the S7A driver can access the data very fast.
The configuration of the interface is performed by the so-called SyCon® tool. The configuration data are stored permanently on the interface and thus they are available immediately after system startup.

Physical device drivers are available for all current Windows versions, even for Windows 7 and Server 2008 32/64 Bit.
The bundle of the CIF50-PB and the S7A Driver is a substainable alternative for the old FIX CIF Driver which is not supported by Windows 7 and Server 2008.
Furthermore the CIF50-PB totether with the S7A OPC Server is one of the few available OPC solutions for Profibus FMS on Windows 7 or Server 2008.


Specification of the CIF50-PB
Parameter Value Comment
Card format full heigh
Bus Interface PCI
PROFIBUS Interface EN 50 170
Physical Interface RS 485
Baud Rates 9,6k to 12 Mbaud
Connector DSub 9 pin female
Operating temperature 0°C – 55°C
CE Sign Yes