Driver Migration


  • Do you currently use other drivers than S7A to connect to the Simatic S7 in your projects?
  • Would you actually like to switch to S7A driver for technological and/or commercial reasons?
  • Do you avoid the (supposedly) great effort and costs involved in a conversion of your application to the S7A driver?
  • Have you decided to put a conversion into effect but lack the resources to do it by yourselve?

If you have answered all these questions with “Yes”, then you may confidently leave it to us! For a fixed price! By using our self-developed Migration Tool we convert your application automatically. This is a very fast and thus inexpensive way and it also guarantees an error-free result. Typical errors which necessarily occur when you do it “by hand” will be avoided by using our Migration Tool.

Convertible to the S7A are:

  • INAT OPC S5/S7 Server
  • Applicom Profibus FMS
  • Applicom S7-TCP/IP
  • GE SL4
  • GE SI7
  • CIF Profibus DP/FMS

Use the support request form to request a binding offer.