On this side you will find current software versions, technical documentation, demo applications etc. for download.

Current Software Versions
Product Link Description
S7A S7A 8.00 103 New version 8.00 with build no. 103
S7A S7A 7.52 122 Latest version 7.52 with build no. 122 * **
S7A S7A 7.51 105 Version 7.51 with build No. 105 *
ADS ADS 7.52 105 Version 7.52 with build No. 105 *
DAX DAX V 1.02 Extended Digital Alarm Block for iFIX 5.5/5.8

* These S7A and ADS Versions require the so-called Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package. This Package is not part of the Zip File. You can download this package from the Microsoft Download Center. Just enter “Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) ” into your search engine. In most cases the first entry of your search result will direct you to the appropriate Microsoft site. It is mandatory to install this package before the S7A setup.exe is executed.

Note: The S7A and ADS driver on Windows Server 2012 R2 require the Service Pack 1 of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package! The file version of the file vcredist_x86.exe has to be greater or equal to 9.0.30729.17!

** The version 7.52 requires a specific license code within the USB dongle. Licenses with version 7.16 to 7.51 can be upgraded to version 7.52. Please use our Support Request Form to request information on how to upgrade your old S7A license(s) to this new version.

Software Documentations
Product Link Description
S7A Version 8.00 Application note: Connecting a S7-1200/1500 via symbolic addressing Application Note: Connecting a S7-1200/1500 via symbolic addressing
S7A Version 7.52 S7A Help Online help (Compiled HTML Help File) for S7A Version 7.52
S7A Version 7.51 – 7.52 Application Note: connecting a S7-1500 to the S7A Driver Application Note: connecting a S7-1500 to the S7A Driver
S7A Version 7.50 – 7.52 Step7 Demo Project Step7 Demo project for unsolicited data transfer to the S7A driver
S7A Version 7.50 – 7.52 S7A Unsol. Instruction Step-by-Step instruction on how to configure the S7A driver and the PLC for unsolicited data transfer
S7A Version 7.50 – 7.52 S7A Option DS Documentation for Option “Digital signals with timestamp “
S7A 7.20 & 7.50 – 7.52 NetLink Config. Description on how the NetLink Interface will be configured for use with the S7A driver
DAX DAX Demo iFIX 5.5 Picture and Data Base import file for DAX Block Demo